Fueled speculation – Donald Trump hints at a new candidacy in 2024


Fueled speculation – Donald Trump hints at a new candidacy in 2024

At a campaign event in the town of Warren, Michigan, former US President Donald Trump repeated the lie about the stolen election this weekend — much to the delight of his supporters. The 76-year-old then hinted that he would run for president again in 2024.

“I entered twice, won twice, and did a lot better the second time than the first time,” Trump said Saturday during his Save America campaign address at the Community College Sports and Expo Center in Warren. There, Trump appeared to support Republican candidate Tudor Dixon, an actress, broadcaster and politician, in Michigan’s gubernatorial race.

Another attack on the FBI
Trump’s false claims were, of course, grist to the mill of his ardent supporters. Trump urged voters in November to back Dixon. And he attacked the FBI again for the raid on his property at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. On August 8, more than 11,000 government documents and 48 blank folders labeled “classified information” were secured in the luxury villa.

Trump is suspected of illegally taking government documents with him when he left the White House. A candidacy would also be a way for the ex-president to dismiss the Capitol Committee investigations and government documents found against him as politically motivated.

“You will be very happy”
In Warren, Trump alludes to his renewed candidacy in 2024. “And now we may have to do it again, I think you’ll be very happy,” said the Republican, who to this day refuses incumbent US President Joe beat Biden. Trump did almost exactly the same on July 22 at a campaign event in Arizona.

Trump, who never took the truth seriously, has been flirting with supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory for some time. He recently shared a drawing of another user with more than four million followers on his own Twitter replacement, Truth Social. It shows Trump with a Q symbol on his jacket.

The image also reads: “WWG1WGA” – the abbreviation of QAnon’s motto “Where one of us goes, we will go together”. Trump is no stranger to conspiracy theories. He repeated the mantra-like lie that he — and not his Democratic challenger Joe Biden — won the 2020 presidential election and that the victory was stolen from him through fraud. With success: Many of his followers firmly believe in it …

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