Trial against farmer – 80 pigs injured in cannibalism in stable


In a pig farm in the district of Korneuburg (Lower Austria), about 80 animals had bitten each other bloody or even gnawed to the bone. Boer now had to answer for animal cruelty in court. He pleaded guilty.

Nearly 80 pigs with bite marks, emaciated, some barely able to walk – one of them gnawed down to the tailbone. In the middle are some carcasses of dead or already decomposed animals. At a pig farm in the Korneuburg district, a horror photo was offered to animal rights activists. As reported, photos of the ‘horror stable’ in June caused horror.

Lack of employment for pigs
The official veterinarian made a similar picture during the trial in the LG Korneuburg (Lower Austria). “The conditions in the barn were terrible. Six pigs were so badly injured that they had to be ‘slayed’ (killed) the same day. Two more died the next night,” the witness described her impressions of the unannounced official inspection of the company on June 23.

The vet was so shocked by the animals’ condition that she immediately took legal action. She hasn’t seen any cadavers. “But there was a very high maggot infestation and a strong odor nuisance in the company,” the official veterinarian said in court. That was “very unusual”

“I have made a mistake”
The farmer in question admitted his own wrongdoing as an admission of guilt during the trial on Wednesday. He took over the company from his father, who died unexpectedly in a traffic accident. He was completely overwhelmed by the situation: “Suddenly there was cannibalism among the animals”, the suspect initially wanted to solve the problem himself.

It ended for the 47-year-old with an animal cruelty charge. He acted too late. But now he promises to get better. However, the photos of the dead animals do not come from his stable. Without asking too much, the judge was lenient and gave the farmer Diversion: a fine of 1,000 euros.

Source: Krone


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