Illegal Migration – Austro Drone Patrols Our Border


In the fight against people smugglers and illegal migration, the Ministry of the Interior relies on modern instruments. An aircraft of 200 kilograms and a value of 1.5 million euros is already being tested.

In view of current developments, border control is becoming increasingly important. Last week 2,950 refugees were arrested in Burgenland alone.

States helped
More than 700 of them had to be taken to other states for registration because it was no longer possible to treat all cases locally. However, the influx of immigrants from countries such as Afghanistan, India, Syria and Pakistan does not stop. In order to bring illegal migration under control, the Ministry of the Interior is using modern means.

200 kilo drone
At the Burgenland-Hungarian border, the use of a drone “that plays all the pieces” is currently being tested. 3.2 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, weighs 200 kilograms with fuel – these are the basic data. Kerosene is used as fuel. “The drone can be in the air for five hours, with an extra tank even eight hours,” says the manufacturer. Cost of the device: 1.5 million euros.

against tugs
The drone should help prevent illegal border crossings and take targeted action against people smugglers. “The pilot operation in the Oberwart district is going very well,” they say.

According to Austro Control’s operating license, the class 1 drones previously used by the Ministry of the Interior are allowed to climb to a maximum height of 120 meters – in visual contact with the pilot.

control border
The goal is to monitor the border from miles away – including creating real-time, large-scale situation reports.

Source: Krone


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