The current situation – the number of new infections was also in five figures on election Sunday


In Austria, new infections in the five-digit range were reported again the previous day. 10,897 new cases were registered. Another person infected with the coronavirus has died.

The state with the highest seven-day incidence is currently Tyrol with 1257.4. Then come Upper Austria, Salzburg and Carinthia (1220.5, 1216.6 and 1127.8 respectively). Lower Austria (1064.2), Burgenland (1033.6), Styria (1003.7), Vienna (958) and Vorarlberg (890.9) follow.

There were also no detailed figures on hospital occupancy on Sunday. An overview of the corona patients in hospitals and the positive percentage of the submitted tests will not be possible until Monday.

Usually booster vaccinations on Saturday
Concerning the progress of vaccination in the local population, 9453 vaccinations were carried out on Saturday, of which 8378 were booster vaccinations (4th, 5th and each subsequent vaccination dose). 5,264,929 people and thus 58.3 percent of Austrians are validly vaccinated according to the recommendation of the National Immunization Commission (NIG). A total of 833,205 people have received a booster vaccination to date.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, there have already been 5,252,058 confirmed cases in Austria. Since then, 5,088,561 people have recovered. To date, 20,824 Austrians have died from or as a result of Covid-19.

The data status of the epidemiological reporting system (EMS) related to the corona pandemic in Austria is updated daily in the afternoon on the dashboard of AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety). The data reflects what happens between midnight and midnight of the respective event day before wider.

Source: Krone


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