Refineries strike – petrol becomes scarce: France closes petrol stations


Gas shortages, electricity shortages, recently also: petrol shortages. In France, refueling has become a glove. Some regions have limited the delivery volume to 30 liters for passenger cars and 120 liters for trucks. In addition, many petrol stations have introduced separate lanes for doctors and ambulances as the queues of waiting cars become longer and longer.

Many motorists want to quickly take advantage of the state fuel discount of 30 cents per liter, which will soon be reduced to ten cents. It goes without saying that this will boost tank tourism near the borders of Belgium and Germany, but French Energy Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher appeals to the common sense of citizens: “Do not stock up as a precaution It just makes it worse!” Hardly likely On Tuesday every third gas station was closed – and the trend is increasing.

Insufficient access to bus and train
However, the energy crisis is only indirectly related to this. Strikes in French refineries and fuel depots are the main culprits for the fuel shortage. Both factories of the American oil company Exxon-Mobil and half of the factories of the energy company Totalenergies (formerly Total) are affected. The latter made a profit of almost 10.6 billion euros in the first half of 2022. That’s why his union, which is labeled as “radical”, is demanding a 10% wage increase. However, the prospects for this are poor.

That means motorists in France should continue to worry. Switching to public transport is not an alternative for many: according to the latest surveys, 45 percent of French people have insufficient access to bus or train. In rural areas, the share even rises to 70 percent.

Source: Krone


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