At 11 locations – Tyrolean Bernard Group plans cable cars in India


The internationally active Bernard Group, a Tyrolean technical services provider based in Hall in Tirol (Innsbruck-Land district), has won a major order. She was commissioned to plan eleven cable car locations in different parts of India. These differ both topographically and climatically, the company emphasizes in a press release. Various studies are being carried out in collaboration with Salzmann Ingenieure.

According to the information provided, the Bernard Group assumes responsibility for exploring the potential sites, the traffic studies, modeling the expected number of passengers, designing the stations as traffic interchanges, embedding the funiculars in the overall traffic concept, static planning of the stations and the foundations and the preparation of the tender documents.

According to project manager Markus Türtscher, it is “exciting” that the eleven projects are in different stages: “From pre-feasibility studies to a project in which the construction tender has already been published, everything is included.”

With the city cable car to places of pilgrimage
The most advanced cable car project is in the city of Varanasi in northwestern India. The metropolis has more than 200 temples and is considered sacred by Hindus. To control the flow of pilgrims in the densely built and traffic-ridden city, a city funicular must lead from the train station to one of the main pilgrimage sites. According to the Bernard Group, the construction tender for this project has already been drawn up.

Local engineers are also involved to fulfill the orders, said Türtscher: “Our local know-how was definitely important to get this order. We have a location in India with local employees and think along about cultural aspects.” It is “not just about executing and finishing a project”, it also wants to “ensure knowledge transfer to give local engineers the tools to implement infrastructure. building in the To care for and maintain us in the interest of sustainable project management,” emphasized the project manager.

Source: Krone


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