10 percent less – climate ticket is cheaper for Lower Austrians


Switching to bus and train has never been so cheap: while the introduction of the national climate ticket was an ecologically and economically sustainable path, Lower Austria now goes a step further hand in hand with the federal government. Commuters who use public transport in the East region will save an additional 10 percent in the future.

Specifically, the price for the so-called regional ticket, which is valid in Lower Austria and Burgenland, will be reduced from 550 to 495 euros. The “metropolitan zone” will also be cheaper, if not by as much as 10 percent, as the Wiener Linien don’t want to discount their already low 365 euros extra. As a result, the annual ticket for the entire East region now costs 860 euros instead of the previous 915 euros.

Package of 80 million euros for commuters
Lower Austria is thus the first country to have reduced rail costs since the introduction of the climate ticket. “For this, our part of the total of 80 million euros will be invested directly in the tariff reduction by the federal government,” said Transport Councilor Ludwig Schleritzko (ÖVP), who underlines the good negotiations with the Ministry of Climate. This made it possible to ‘collect’ this financing.

More details coming soon.

Source: Krone


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