Four Escape Attempts – Drunk Cyclist Wanted To Escape Police


The 57-year-old pedal rider fell for the first time in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg) on ​​Tuesday afternoon – a passer-by warned the police. Before this, however, the man kicked again. Until he fell again. The man made four attempts to escape. But in the end, the executive had the upper hand.

A passerby found a fallen and injured cyclist in Dornbirn’s Webgasse at 4 p.m. on Tuesday and then alerted the police. Before officers arrived on the scene, the drunken cyclist got up and fled. But he didn’t get far, because the police found the bleeding cyclist not far from the crime scene. As soon as the man noticed the officers, he fled again on his bicycle, but fell again. Finally, the rescue team, who had also been alerted, managed to treat the man for his facial injuries and take him to Dornbirn hospital.

Bleeding and picked up drunk
Once there, the 57-year-old tried to flee again, but this time he was unable to escape and was then taken to a treatment room. What exactly happened in the treatment room is unclear, but the drunk did not stay there long.

In fact, the phobic policeman managed to get away again. In the vicinity of the Brückengasse, not far from the hospital, the man was finally arrested once and for all and taken back to the hospital. Due to his facial injuries, an alcohol test could not be performed.

Source: Krone


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