Gogglebox’s Lee inspired by Jesus after finding a £20 note outside the supermarket


Lee viewers of Gogglebox laughed after revealing his inspiration from Jesus after finding 20 20 while shopping. Lim, a regular at the show, told her best friend Jenny how she found cash at a local supermarket.

Seated in his trailer where the couple regularly appears on the show, Lim tells Jin that he’s found 20-20. He then asks her to guess where he found it, leading Jenny to speculate that she found her money in the trailer.

After he calmed down and explained the situation, he told her he had found her outside the supermarket. Jenny congratulated him on his success.

“How much did it cost you to shop?” churches. He answered me: “Fifty-two.”

Well, get it for half price, said Jenny.

However, Lee went on to say that he was inspired to return the money to the supermarket with Jesus in mind, but that his plan wasn’t what Jenny expected.

“Yes, I know, but I won 20… and Sunday. I thought, ‘What would Jesus do?’ I’m back.”

Jenny was shocked by his apparent kindness. “Oh .. you?” churches.

He replied, “Yes.” “And I did what Jesus did. I did it with wine. Two bottles of Pinot Grijo now!”

Source: Belfastlive


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