Uxue Barkos stresses that the 2023 budget will be the largest in history, but also the expenditure


According to the leader of Geroa Socialverdes, “the efforts made so far will pay off” and they will have the support of EH Bildu in parliament so that the budget project can go ahead.

Euskaraz irakurri: Uxue Barkosek azpimarratu du 2023ko Aurrekontua inoizko handiena den arren, gastua ere halakoa izango dela

The leader of Geroa Socialverdes has emphasized that despite the budgets agreed in the government of Navarra for 2023 they will be the largest in history, “the cost and the need” will be too. That is why he asked that both things be taken into account when analyzing the accounts.

The former president of Navarra explained in an interview in Euskadi Irratia that the divisions of the governing coalition have completely closed the accounts but now have to endure the austerity of parliament to move forward.

In this sense, he recalled that they do not have an absolute majority and that they support from EH Bildu, as Navarra Suma refused to participate in the negotiations. Barkos believes that “the efforts made so far will bear fruit” with the pro-independence coalition, and that, as happened last year, they will gain their favorable vote.


Barkos wanted to make it clear that the “effort” to increase the budget must be made in all areas: “Institutional, business and also the general public.” He has assured that along with the incentives one must search for “the” tax balancel”: “At the moment it is clear that a tax cut is good news, but these kinds of measures must be taken responsibly, because the government debt is under pressure“.

To this end, he considers it essential that the new tax that the Spanish government has introduced for energy companies and banks in Navarra is managed.


On the other hand, and with elections on the horizon, Barkos has reaffirmed that he is “strong” to lead Geroa Bai’s candidacy, but they are not yet in that process and are leaving it before the election year.

He recalled that it is now the turn of the negotiations on the internal functioning of the coalition, and that they are at that point.

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Source: EITB


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