Father came to the rescue – Threatened with beatings: two boys (12) attacked


Two 12-year-olds are said to have been attacked by a group of young people in Vienna on Sunday afternoon. The robbers also had the boys’ money. One of the victims warned his father, who managed to get hold of one of the alleged perpetrators.

The attack took place in the Maroltingergasse in Penzing around 1 p.m., according to the police. The two boys were playing football and were on their way home when the four assailants suddenly got in their way. They threatened to beat them if the 12-year-olds didn’t give them money.

Dad caught a suspect
As the group fled, one of the 12-year-olds called his father and told him about the attack. The man was apparently quick, because according to the police he would have caught and detained one of the alleged robbers, a 13-year-old Austrian.

The police launched a search for the other fugitives and were soon able to arrest a second suspect, a 14-year-old Slovak. The search for the other two perpetrators is ongoing.

Source: Krone


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