Rejected by the Supreme Court – Hessenthaler now wants to appear before a human rights court


The alleged mastermind behind the Ibiza video, Julian Hessenthaler, who was not legally sentenced to three and a half years in prison, has now been dismissed with a Supreme Court nullity complaint. Now the “Ibiza detective” wants to turn to the European Court of Human Rights.

The OGH has not confirmed Hessenthaler’s criminal behavior, his lawyer Oliver Scherbaum said on Tuesday. Rather, the rejection is a consequence of the Austrian Code of Criminal Procedure, which renders the first instance judgments of a court of lay judges de facto unchallengeable because the appeal court can no longer review the assessment of the evidence by the court of first instance. for example, let alone knock over.

Hessenthaler continues to fight his conviction for cocaine trafficking and for accepting, passing on or possessing false or forged specially protected documents and document forgery. By going to the European Court of Human Rights, they now want to appeal to a court outside Austria, which must examine the entire investigation and court proceedings to determine whether Hessenthaler has had a fair trial within the meaning of the Human Rights Convention. A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights will of course only be made after Hessenthaler has long been free, it said.

Second drug case closed
Incidentally, another drug case against Hessenthaler, based on an anonymous complaint, was dropped in July. The stance has now taken place “because there is no real reason for further prosecution,” it said in a statement from authorities at the time.

Source: Krone


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