Jealousy as motive – husband (52) on trial after knife attack


The Syrian “only” wanted to disfigure his wife. He has so far denied any intention to kill. Today, Wednesday, he has to answer to the court in Linz for attempted murder.

In May, a jealous husband “just” wanted to disfigure his wife with a knife attack on the street. The Syrian (52) is said to have stabbed his wife on the Obere Donaulände in Linz. A sting went down the esophagus and trachea almost to the spine.

Wife had multiple guardian angels
The 41-year-old owes her survival to the attack with a box cutter to several guardian angels: a nurse who happened to pass by jumped into the back of the attacker, Wilhering’s abbot, Reinhold Dessl, tried to get the husband away from his victim, a doctor who car was on the way, stopped and gave first aid and finally an ambulance stopped, whose crew took over the first aid.

The quarrel between the parents of twins arose because the woman would have had contact with another man via social media. The 52-year-old has ‘only’ admitted to hitting his wife. He has no memory of the knife wounds. In any case, he denies that he wanted to kill his wife.

But that is exactly what the public prosecutor’s office assumes today, Wednesday, during the jury trial in Linz. If convicted of attempted murder, the jealous spouse faces between 10 and 20 years in prison or life in prison.

Source: Krone


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