Archer free again – After shot in the stomach: injured person also arrested


The 33-year-old, who had a violent argument with the restaurant boss (42) at a workshop in Vienna on Sunday and was seriously injured by a gunshot to the abdomen, was also reported Monday. The 42-year-old businessman was arrested on Sunday, but has been free since Monday.

The violent quarrel in Vienna-Floridsdorf caused a lot of excitement on Sunday. The victim of the shooting was arrested on Monday for trespassing and coercion. The injured person is still in hospital and is not yet ready for questioning, police spokesman Daniel Fürst explained on Monday.

Businessman free again
The head of a workshop on Prager Strasse shot the 33-year-old there around 9 a.m. on Sunday after knocking on a window with a telescopic baton. Emergency services were alerted but only met the director. The victim fled to a hospital. The weapon has been seized by the police.

About an hour later, the police were alerted by the hospital where the man had gone with a abdominal shot. The dispute would be about disagreements over money issues.

Source: Krone


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