Social Services Angry – Refugees in Tents: “What’s Coming to Us?”


The tents for refugees in the municipality of Absam (Innsbruck-Land district) are also causing dissatisfaction with the Tyrolean Social Services (TSD). The works council denounces the lack of communication: “We want to know what is going on!” Central information can only be found through media coverage.

The setting up of tents for refugees in Absam by the Federal Support Office (BBU) sparked heated debate. Harsh criticism now comes from the works council of the Tyrolean Social Services (TSD). The employees use this in a letter that is at the disposal of the “Tiroler Krone”. Above all, there is a complete lack of understanding “that we have to get the information from the press that we have to create some 500 new places for asylum seekers by the end of November”.

As a personnel representative you want “that we are unambiguously informed by our TSD management about what actually comes our way”.

“Wish us a clear explanation from the management”
What is particularly striking in the letter is that the works council remains in the dark about how support can be ensured, where the new TSD facilities will be installed and who will ultimately provide them. “How many employees are needed and when will they be hired?” is the central question for management.

It has been stated several times that sufficient staff must be organized for new facilities before they can be settled. “We want the management to provide complete information and clearly divide tasks – and this with the indication of the expected support ratios for all regions in Tyrol”, is the question.

Tents for TSD “unacceptable”, according to BBU move “in the coming days”
The works council also has a clear opinion about the tents. These are “inappropriate, unacceptable, unnecessary and not in accordance with human dignity”. It is also emphasized that the increased number of refugees has been known for some time. “Why don’t you fit in now, if you can’t get by anymore?” Finally, the works council demands from the management and the new central government “that not only sufficient good accommodation is offered, but also sufficient staff”.

By the way: the tents in Absam are still empty. There is room for 96 refugees. According to BBU press spokesman Thomas Fussenegger, it is still unclear when the first will move in. “But we assume this will happen in the coming days.”

Source: Krone


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