“Legitimate Targets” – Russia Threatens to Attack Western Satellites


New level of escalation in the war in Ukraine: Russia now threatens to shoot down commercial Western satellites if they are used in the war in Ukraine. They are then legitimate targets for Russia, said a senior official at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the United Nations (UN).

Konstantin Vorontsov, deputy director of the ministry’s non-proliferation and arms control division, accused the US and its allies of using space to assert their dominance.

Ukrainian army uses Starlink
Using satellites to support the Ukrainian armed forces is an “extremely dangerous trend” and a “provocation,” Vorontsov said, but did not name specific satellite companies. The Ukrainian army uses the services of Starlink.

Tesla boss Elon Musk said in early October that his company SpaceX would continue to fund its Starlink internet service in Ukraine, citing the need for “good deeds”. Musk has also announced plans to enable Starlink’s broadband service for people in Iran.

Countries like China, Russia or the US already have the technical means to shoot down or damage satellites in orbit. India has also successfully tested the shooting down of its own satellite with an anti-satellite missile. In addition, possibilities are being tested to disable satellites, for example with laser or cyber attacks.

Source: Krone


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