Liz Truss to hold the ‘Putin regime’ accountable if chemical weapons are used


Secretary of State Liz Truss

The foreign minister promised to bring Vladimir Putin and his regime to justice if it was established that Russian forces had used chemicals in the attack on Mariupol. Liz Truss wrote on Twitter: “It has been reported that Russian forces may have used chemical agents to attack Mariupol residents – we are working urgently with partners to verify details.

Any use of such weapons would be a flagrant escalation of this conflict. We will hold Putin and his regime accountable.

According to the city’s Azov regiment, the soldiers did not feel dizzy or short of breath after dropping an “unidentified toxin” from a Russian drone, according to the Daily Mail. It was hours after the mayor of Mariupol announced that more than 10,000 civilians had been killed by Russia during the siege of his city and that the death toll could exceed 20,000.

Britain is increasingly concerned that Russia may use white phosphorous munitions to bombard the city. White phosphorous is used to light the night or to create a smoke cover, but when used as a weapon it causes terrible burns.

Western officials believed that Russia wanted to abandon Mariupol, to free up forces to fight in the Donbass, and to create a route north for the Kremlin’s forces as they moved against the Ukrainian guards in the east. Officials said Putin would double or possibly triple the number of Russian troops in Donbass, where the Russian president has resorted to a “reduced” invasion strategy.

However, mobilizing forces would not necessarily give Moscow an advantage over Ukraine, as Kievan forces were able to repel the rebels in the east of the country. The Russian leader has been forced to “dramatically scale back” the plan in Ukraine, an official said, amid speculation that Putin wants to take control of the Donbass region by May 9, when Russia traditionally celebrates the Soviet victory in World War II against Nazi Germany. Parades in Moscow.

Meanwhile, the Verkhovna Rada announced on Monday that Russian forces had opened fire on nitric acid tanks in Donetsk, urging residents of the eastern city to prepare “protective masks soaked in soda solution.” The foreign ministry said it was “shocked” by the discovery of mass graves in the village of Buzova, near Kyiv.

Buzova is near Bucha, another city where cruelty has been discovered, although Russia insists that post-occupation scenes were staged. A British Foreign Office spokesman said the UK would work with allies to “investigate war crimes and ensure justice”.


Source: Belfastlive


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