Collision in tunnel – boy (11) crashes into tractor with moped and dies


Incredible drama in the town of Oberhofen am Irrsee (Upper Austria): An 11-year-old practiced with his mother on a moped. He landed head-on on a tractor in a narrow and indistinct tunnel. The moped caught fire. The boy succumbed to his serious injuries at the scene of the accident.

The 1,500-inhabitant town of Oberhofen on the peaceful Irrsee is in deep mourning. The terrible drama happened on Tuesday afternoon on the Steiner freight route. The boy and his mother practiced driving a moped on a road inaccessible to public traffic. But it was a false security. The freight route also passes through a narrow and confusing tunnel under the Westbahn.

Tractor came to Bub
Just as the boy was driving through the tunnel, a tractor approached him, driven by a local farmer. “It’s dark there and the road makes a small bend,” fire chief Franz Loibichler described the local conditions to “Krone”.

There was a head-on collision and the moped immediately caught fire. Although rescuers quickly arrived, all help came too late for the boy, who died at the scene of the accident. The tractor driver received a severe shock.

Whole place in mourning
“We are all shocked. The family was cared for in the town hall and of course receives all the support,” said Oberhofen mayor Elisabeth Höllwarth-Kaiser, almost in tears.

Source: Krone


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