“Please don’t lick this toad!”


With an almost ghostly Facebook photo, the US National Parks Service has warned visitors not to lick the Colorado toads. Because the XXL frogs secrete a special skin secretion.

The Colorado toad secretes a poison that has psychedelic effects on humans, but is also downright dangerous. For example, the discharge can lead to cardiac arrest. After all, it should protect the toad from predators.

“Please don’t lick”
“As with most things you’ll find in a national park, be it a banana snail, an unfamiliar mushroom, or a big clear-eyed toad in the middle of the night – please refrain from licking. Thank you very much!” wrote the National Park Service on its Facebook page.

The amphibians live in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States and were kept as pets by experimental drug users in the 1990s. The secretion was either licked off directly by the Forsch or dried and then smoked. In the wild, toads live in deserts or semi-deserts, in the dry season they burrow and protect themselves with a layer of skin mucus. If you want to see the toads, you can also do so in the desert house of the Schönbrunn Zoo.

Source: Krone


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