More than vaccinations – Corona tests have cost more than 4 billion euros so far


Austria has so far spent four billion euros on corona tests, many times more than on Covid vaccinations, according to the answer to a question from NEOS MP Gerald Loacker. Until June 2022, the Ministry of Health alone paid a total of 2.92 billion euros for tests in pharmacies, test streets, living room tests, the Viennese “Alles gurgelt” program.

“Four billion euros is about the same as the entire budget for the universities. Or exactly as much as this year’s package for the pension increase,” Loacker criticizes. “The four billion euros for tests have brought Austria nothing.”

Austria is experiencing the same course of the pandemic as Switzerland or Germany with even more Covid deaths per 1000 inhabitants than the two neighboring countries. “Most of the money has been burned senselessly.” The Department of the Interior even refunded police officers the money for private antibody tests, Loacker marveled Monday.

Tests cost more than vaccinations
Austria spent significantly more on tests than on vaccinations. At the end of April 2022, almost 475 million euros had been paid for corona vaccines, according to the answer to a parliamentary question from the FPÖ. In total, approximately 37.87 million doses of vaccine were delivered to Austria, of which the manufacturer Biontech/Pfizer accounted for by far the most with 23.51 million.

Source: Krone


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