Bizkaia metal unions maintain five days of strike after negotiations failed


The interruptions will take place between November 28 and December 2. ELA is not ruling out an indefinite strike and the employers are dismissing the calls as a “blackmail strategy”.

Bizkaia metal, the area’s main sector, is preparing for more strikes after a new meeting held this Tuesday without an agreement between employers and unions.

labor unions CCOO, LAB, UGT, ESK, CGT and CNT they explained that in today’s new appointment the “expected results” in the negotiations have not been given. Before today’s meeting, they had warned that they would meet if there were no “clear progress” a week of strike in the sector, between November 28 and December 2.

Tomorrow they will hold a press conference confirming these new strike calls. They will thus be added to the six strike days already celebrated in Biscayan metal – three of them for the summer and the last three on October 27 and 28 and November 2.

These unions have insisted that they will not accept a reduction in terms and loss of purchasing power.

For its part, the ELA, which negotiates separately from the other unions, has assured that at today’s meeting, employers will “renew their blindness and lack of responsibility“, with a proposal that assumes “a provocation towards the employees”. ELA defends increases in each year of validity of the IPC pay increase, in tables and real salaries and a reduction of eight hours on the working day.

In the coming days, the power plant will gather its representatives from Metal de Bizkaia to make decisions, with the “conviction” that the strike days should be significantly increased, without excluding an indefinite strike.

The employer for his part VMEF He indicated that at today’s meeting he amended his proposal for the fifth time and offered a salary increase in tables to 16%, which is distributed over the period 2022-2025 as follows: 6.5% in 2022, 2.5 % in 2023, 2% in 2024 and 2% in 2025. These figures could increase by a further 3%, after an upward adjustment in case the CPIs accumulated over the period exceed 13%. But if the CPI exceeds this 16%, the remaining amount will be paid in 2 installments during 2026.

For the employers, this latest salary offer is very close to the agreements signed in other areas -such as Álava- and which have gone ahead with the agreement of the trade union majority. Likewise, he has denounced the unions’ “blackmail strategy” as, in his view, it “seems to respond more to electoral objectives than to real intentions to conclude agreements that benefit both workers and the involved companies.

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Source: EITB


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