Now crisis summit – Hardly any handle against very young taxi robbers


Your learning curve is very flat. Two 13-year-olds attacked another taxi driver a few days after the robbery – along with a 17-year-old known to authorities. Now the question arises what to do with the children.

Terrifying recidivism: Two suspects of the 13-year-old trio, who robbed a taxi in Pettenbach on Saturday night and injured the driver (72), were active again on Wednesday night. After their release from the Neuromed Campus in Linz, the Romanian and his Austrian girlfriend immediately conceived the next crime together with a 17-year-old. They ordered a taxi to the main square in Linz. The Romanian pretended to have a gun in his jacket and ordered the taxi driver to get out. When he refused, the 17-year-old brutally kicked him in the driver’s door – the driver was injured. Then the journey went to Steyr and back to Linz.

A perpetrator has already set the police car on fire
The 17-year-old from Linz and the girl were later caught by the police outside their care facility. The Romanian could be found asleep in bed shortly afterwards, with the taxi key still in his pocket. Explosive detail: The 17-year-old once belonged to the Linz youth gang “la casa bariks 4030”, which set fire to a police car in the Ebelsberg district on November 14, 2021. He was the actual arsonist and was sentenced to seven months in prison (two of which were unconditional). The boy had “learned a lot” from everything, his lawyer said at the time, asking for a light sentence for him. Now he’s back in jail. The 13-year-old girl has been readmitted to the Neuromed Campus and the Romanian is back in the Linz health care facility – he is at large.

“Children are very adolescent”
“From a legal point of view, there is no way to imprison a 13-year-old who is criminally liable,” said Theresia Schlöglmann, head of the department of child and youth care in the state of Upper Austria. Ultimately, it only works with confidence-building measures. “It must be remembered that these children have already been through a long ordeal before they come to us – and in this particular case, the children are in the midst of puberty and have lost all self-control.”

Crisis stop for care
The 13-year-olds are taken care of in a social facility in the Franck district. They must now be separated. A crisis summit will take place on Thursday. In Upper Austria, approximately 1,600 children and young people are currently being cared for by the authorities. 600 of them are with foster parents, 1000 live in a care institution.

The care costs about 200 euros per day
There are about 80 living groups in the state, as well as flexible special forms of living that are offered depending on the individual needs of the children and youth. The state of Upper Austria bears the costs. Theresia Schlöglmann: “The daily rate for classical care in a residential group is around 200 euros. Depending on the care need and the focus, this varies up or down.”

Source: Krone


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