Many coups in Tyrol – fuel increasingly in the sights of criminals


There is nothing that does not exist – and it will not be stolen: the Tyrolean police are increasingly reporting fuel theft. On Thursday evening, criminals struck a parking lot along the Brenner highway.

Fuel is a coveted (looted) commodity, especially in times of massive inflation. The most recent example: Sometime on Thursday evening, unknown perpetrators started working with a truck that was parked in a parking lot along the highway near Patsch (Innsbruck-Land). “They broke the tank cap of the truck and drained diesel,” police said. Damage: several hundred euros. The thieves managed to escape unnoticed.

The tanks of three trucks were emptied
Such coups occur time and again in Tyrol! Only last weekend did the police file a report in Arzl im Pitztal. There, strangers had pumped out the tanks of three trucks parked along the village street. The damage here amounted to several thousand euros.

Hundreds of liters stolen from construction site
But it gets worse: in late October, criminals struck a construction site in Sellrain. The perpetrators extracted several hundred liters of fuel from an excavator and a storage tank. They also seized various machines, cables and aggregates. All in all, the damage was several tens of thousands of euros!

Other fuel coupes in Tyrol (selection)

  • In August, strangers pumped 260 liters of fuel from a diesel tank container in Navis. The padlock had previously been cracked with bolt cutters.
  • Thieves siphoned 80 liters of diesel from an excavator at a construction site in Stams in June.
  • An initially unknown perpetrator “unloaded” a mobile excavator with 200 liters of diesel in Pfafflar in the Ausserfern in June. In addition, 400 liters were extracted from a chain excavator in Stanzach. After extensive investigation, a suspect (55) from Bulgaria was identified.
  • In early June, criminals also targeted the fuel in a truck in Strass im Zillertal. 70 liters of diesel.
  • At the beginning of the summer, unknown perpetrators stole 1,500 liters of diesel from a construction site in Angath…

Report suspicious detections
It is usually difficult to track down the culprits. The police are calling on the population to report suspicious sightings immediately!

Source: Krone


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