Ukrainians in Kherson – Russian deduction for Kremlin “not” humiliating


Ukrainians in Kherson – Russian deduction for Kremlin “not” humiliating

The Ukrainian army has won a major victory in its counter-offensive in southeastern Ukraine: Nine months after the start of the war, the Russian army on Friday evacuated the strategically important city of Kherson, leaving the field to Ukrainian forces. However, the Kremlin tried to appease the importance of the success – it was not about humiliation, spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized on Friday.

Russia announced on Wednesday the withdrawal of troops from the regional capital Kherson, because the supply of its own soldiers had become impossible, for example because of bridges that were no longer usable. Since then, the Ukrainian armed forces have reported a gradual advance in the region. Several cities were liberated as a result. After the failure of the advance to Kiev and the retreat at Kharkov, this is considered another military defeat for Russia.

Peskow: ‘Special operation continues’
When asked whether the defeat in Kherson was not humiliating for Putin, Peskov told Russian news agencies “No”. In late September, Putin brutally declared four Ukrainian regions, including Kherson, to Russia at a ceremony in the Kremlin. Peskov made it clear that the Kremlin does not regret the celebrations in Red Square for the annexation of the regions. The international community considers the annexations a violation of international law.

Russia does not rule out negotiations with Ukraine, but sees no willingness on the part of Kiev to negotiate, Peskov continued. “Kiev does not want talks, so the special military operation continues,” Peskov said.

Many soldiers drowned while retreating
Many Russian soldiers drowned while retreating to the other bank of the river, the Kherson regional administration claimed. They are said to have blown up the important Antonivka Bridge over the Dnipro River, which was recently badly damaged by Ukrainian shelling.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported Friday afternoon that more than 20 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed by minefields trying to pursue Russian troops, Russia’s state news agency RIA Novosti reported. These reports cannot be independently verified.

Ukrainian flags flutter in Kherson
Ukrainian flags were hoisted in the city center. The first soldiers were greeted euphorically by some people with hugs and applause. “Kherson is returning to Ukraine, units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are entering the city,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry wrote on Facebook, calling on the remaining Russian soldiers to “surrender immediately”.

The withdrawal routes of the “Russian invaders” are under attack from the Ukrainian army, Kiev said. “Any Russian soldier who resists will be eliminated.” However, those who surrendered would be left alive, the ministry said. Accordingly, some Russian soldiers were ordered to hide in the city dressed as civilians.

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