Dramatic operations – fire alarm: Mountain rescuers evacuated 100 holidaymakers


More than 200 holidaymakers had to be evacuated in Tyrol on Friday evening due to two fires in accommodation facilities in Fulpmes in the Stubaital (Innsbruck-Land district) and in Hintertux in the Zillertal. During the operation in the Stubai, two mountain rescuers actively helped evacuate an apartment building.

The first fire alarm arrived at the Tyrol control center around 9:15 p.m. on Thursday. The fire alarm went off in an apartment building in Fulpmes. “Smoke from the electrical box” – the Fulpmes fire department responded with this information. “When we arrived, about 100 people in the building had already been evacuated,” says Fulpme fire chief Manuel Gleinser.

Mountain rescuers “cross-industry” on the move
Two mountain rescuers from the local office of Vorderes Stubai took care of this – almost “cross-industry”. One of them, Paul Brukner, who currently lives in the apartment building, describes the dramatic events. “When I heard the fire alarm, about 30 guests were already feverishly walking around in the corridor. I then looked where the smoke was coming from and saw that it was already quite hazy around the electrical box.”

Fortunately, the all-clear was quickly given
He received help from a neighbour, his mountain rescue colleague Florian Rettenbacher, who had noticed the fire. The two pulled out the main fuse and told people to leave the building and wait outside for the fire department. She was then able to quickly give the all-clear. A transformer burned out, after a check by a technician, the unharmed evacuees were allowed to return.

Nocturnal excitement also in the Zillertal
Apparently the law of the series meant there was another fire alarm at a property – in Hintertux – around 4:30am. “Smoke and fire in a hotel” was the message there. “In a storage room, toilet paper and towels caught fire from a lamp,” said Bernhard Kofler, commander of the Tux fire department. “When we arrived, the hotel owner had already cleared the rooms on the second floor and used the fire extinguisher to get the fire under control.”

The Florianis took care of the “rest” because of the heavy smoke development. The building was smoke-free through ventilation, the approximately 130 — unharmed — evacuees were safely outside. “Burning out” was at 8 o’clock. “Thanks to the exemplary evacuation of the operator and the quick action on our part, worse things could have been avoided here,” says Kofler with relief. A total of 39 Florianis, the ambulance and the police were deployed.

Source: Krone


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