Trump is pushing to be a candidate in the 2024 presidential election


The magnate is about to announce his candidacy amid unrest from donors and moderate Republicans seeking new leadership profiles

Trump is pressuring the Republican Party to take the lead in the face of an expected competition for the 2024 presidential candidacy. The former president is turning a deaf ear to those advising him to delay his application following the results of the midterm elections and, as confirmed this Sunday, one of his advisers will make his announcement next Tuesday at nine o’clock. Some analysts believe that the tycoon’s formula is to try and force his fellow believers to position themselves as quickly as possible, as at this point not only Governor Ron DeSantis has been named as a possible contender in the candidacy thanks to his success in Florida but also the voices of leaders demanding other names in favor of party renewal.

Trump celebrated the wedding of his daughter Tiffany to billionaire Michael Boulos on Saturday at his mansion in Mar-a-Lago. There were spectacular flower porches, a ten-piece orchestra and a dance performance. But even a daughter’s happiness doesn’t distract the tycoon’s attention from a future plagued by black clouds. He wants to use the bewilderment among conservatives about the disappointing results of the last election to fish as much as possible in that complex magma. He is not a defeated politician, although the chorus of leaders committed to opening a new cycle within the formation is growing urgently. He still has a sizable Trumpist base for previously waving the flag of fraud and bragging about his sponsored candidates winning office in the election, even though their bets have failed in key states.

The problem, they say around him, is that the debate about his figure is no longer in the hands of politicians alone, but also of donors. And many are getting fed up with Trump’s personalities and their money not being rewarded with the counterpart of power. For more seriousness, the former president has become famous for clenching his fist. He chooses candidates from his line, but he feels that supporting them with his image is sufficient compensation and that the party should provide funding for their campaigns. Even the organization that manages election donations on his behalf is stingy: Save America Inc. has raised some $160 million through intermediaries, of which the former president has earmarked $94 million for his own White House nomination.

The purse strings are loosened by tycoons like Ken Griffin, the Republicans’ third-largest donor, who has called for Trump to be removed and replaced with another leader with a greater Democratic calling. Billionaire Peter Thiel also invested about $13.5 million in the Blake Masters campaign, convinced that the Republican nominee in Arizona was the winning horse under Trump’s patronage. This weekend he lost the momentous Senate seat in this area to Democrat Mark Kelly. And the treasurers fear that legion of petty taxpayers who feed their coffers with small donations of fifty or a hundred dollars will flee en masse, tired of wasting money in a pool that has become too primitive.

Trump wants to be the first candidate for the White House. But this time it is very likely that he will not travel alone. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who had already run unsuccessfully in 2016, said on television a month ago that he would not rule out trying again. For him, the founder of Trumpism is no longer the untouchable idol of the time. “All I heard in 2016 was that we were going to win so much that we would get tired and ask (Trump) not to win anymore. And we lost the presidency in 2020 and two Senate seats to Georgia. It’s a lot to lose,” he said.

Another veteran considering entering the race is Mike Pence. The former vice president will publish a book this week with a telling title, “May God Help Me,” in which he talks about his complicated relationship with Trump in the White House and how he left him at the feet of the horses during the attack on the capitol. The book promises to be high voltage, especially with the former president refusing to testify before the commission investigating that subversion, and many are ruling out being a torpedo aimed at his line of credibility (wherever it is). Pence has greatly improved his image among moderate conservatists, and the revelations they make could reinforce the impression among voters that he was the brake on a coup.

The main eyes, however, are on Florida’s governor. Ron DeSantis is the Republican nominee that came out on top in the 8 elections. Never has a governor had better results in this state since 1982. Then it was a Democrat, Bob Graham, who won.

De Santis has improved results in each of the 67 provinces, ending previous democratic hegemony in 13 of them. A rundown of his victory shows he won by a landslide in the three districts with the largest Latino populations (Miami, Osceola and Hendry) and exposes a lie: Trump said on election night that his Florida results in the last presidential election were greater were than the previous ones. yours in these breaks. Not true: The new Republican pledge has surpassed it in every county. However, some within the party believe his profile is not so far removed from that of Trump, who exercised career protection in his day. But he has the advantage of being seen as a cheaper presidential candidate: the strategists believe that his huge popularity would allow them not to invest too much money in an election campaign in their state. Capital is capital.

Source: La Verdad


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