Ukraine was notified – Intelligence meeting between the US and Russia


After talks between US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser and senior Russian government officials in recent weeks, a secret service meeting between Russia and the United States has now become known. CIA chief William Burns met his Russian counterpart Sergey Naryshkin in Turkey. This has already been confirmed by Moscow.

“Such talks really took place,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russia’s state news agency Tass on Monday. The American television channel CNN, the New York Times and other American media had previously reported on the meeting. The New York Times wrote that the meeting was not about negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. Once again, the focus was on preventing a nuclear escalation in Ukraine.

Ukraine had been given advance notice of Burns’ trip to Turkey, a US government spokesman said in media reports. “We resolutely adhere to our principle: nothing will be decided about Ukraine without Ukraine.” The government in Kiev fears being pressured to make peace with far-reaching concessions to Russia.

Grain deals and prisoners were also subjects
Burns reportedly wanted to address other conflicts as well. It is about a continuation of the temporary agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain, the revival of the treaty limiting nuclear weapons, the situation in Syria and the exchange of prisoners. In the United States, the case of basketball player Brittney Griner is being followed with particular attention. She was sentenced to nine years in prison for drug possession.

The last officially confirmed meeting between a US and a Russian delegation was in January – before the outbreak of war in Ukraine. At that time, both sides discussed the security guarantees demanded by Moscow.

Source: Krone


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