Due to a terrorist attack, the Turkish army is again against the PKK


The Turkish army is again taking action against the Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK. According to the Interior Ministry, 881 people are involved in the operation there. From the government’s perspective, the banned party is responsible for last Sunday’s terrorist attack in Istanbul.

The current operation aims to “neutralize terrorists” who took refuge in the region, Turkish Interior Ministry officials said. The army regularly takes action against the PKK in the eastern provinces of the country and in northern Iraq. This is a Kurdish underground organization with a socialist orientation that fights for the political autonomy of Kurdish-populated areas. Its military arm carried out attacks on both military and civilian targets.

However, the group does not want to be responsible for Sunday’s attack on Istanbul’s busy shopping street Istiklal. The Syrian Kurdish militia YPG and its political branch PYD, all classified as “terrorist organizations”, also denied responsibility for the attack. According to the authorities, an arrested Syrian woman had previously reported ties to the parties. She is accused of planting the bomb that killed six people and injured 80 others.

Kurds speak of “manipulation”
“The attempt by the fascist state (…) to blame our movement for this attack and claim that it was carried out from Rojava is a very deliberate manipulation (…) It is abundantly clear that the AKP-MHP (Turkish People’s Movement) Alliance Electoral Alliance under Minister Erdogan, note) aims to create the necessary environment for an invasion (…),” said in a statement from the Union of Kurdish Communities (KCK), the civilian umbrella organization, on Tuesday. of the PKK.

Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic, foreign policy spokeswoman for the Greens, has a similar theory. There are increasing signs that Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan “could use the terrible terrorist attack in Istanbul as a constructed justification to attack again the autonomous Kurdish region in northeastern Syria or Kurdish regions in northern Iraq,” said them in a broadcast on Tuesday. Even before the investigation had really started, the Turkish police would have presented an alleged state of affairs.

According to the state news agency Anadolu, fifty people have been arrested in connection with the attack in Istanbul.

Source: Krone


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