Fugitive since 2003 – Mafia boss and drug dealer arrested in Dubai


One of Italy’s most wanted drug dealers, Camorra boss Bruno Carbone, has been arrested at Dubai airport. There were three arrest warrants against him for involvement in the mafia and drug trafficking, Italian police reported on Tuesday. He has been wanted since 2003 and is serving a 20-year prison sentence for international drug trafficking on the Spain-Naples route.

Considered one of Italy’s top drug dealers, Carbone had retreated to the United Arab Emirates. He is said to have maintained relations with the Colombian drug cartels for years and supplied countless clans with drugs. Carbone was carrying a fake passport when he was arrested.

Carbone is believed to be the leader of a Camorra clan that was disbanded in 2018 with the execution of about 50 arrest warrants. Several judicial officials indicated that he is a major cocaine trafficker, who is constantly trading in Spain.

Source: Krone


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