Giant Tortoise – “Terajacht” should accommodate 60,000 people


A superlative cruise ship was presented in Rome. Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini revealed plans for a cruise ship in the shape of a giant swimming turtle that can accommodate 60,000 people. The cost of the ship called “Pangeos”, known as a ter-yacht, is also really “tera” (the word comes from Greek and means miracle or monster; note): its construction is estimated to cost eight billion euros .. .

Powered by nine electric motors, each with a capacity of 16,800 hp, ‘Pangeos’ has to plow through the sea at a maximum of 9.2 kilometers per hour (and therefore not exactly fast). According to the planners, part of the electricity required for this must be generated with solar panels that occupy the entire upper deck and wave power plants that are located in the fins of the giant ‘turtle’.

Twice the size of the Colosseum in Rome
According to the plans of the Lazzarini design firm, the ship is not a conventional cruise ship, but rather a floating luxury resort whose interior is about twice the size of the Roman amphitheater Colosseum in Rome.

The up to 60,000 passengers on yacht Ter are not accommodated in cabins, but in villas, penthouses and bungalows spread over several floors. Landing platforms for helicopters and other flying objects (such as drones) must be present on the roof.

It would first have to build its own yard
Because the “Pangeos” is 550 meters long and 610 meters wide, a sufficiently large dry dock would first have to be built to build the ship. While the ship is only available on floor plans and as an animation (see video above), Lazzarini’s team has already been thinking about where it could be built. Consider the construction of a shipyard in Saudi Arabia, about two kilometers north of King Abdullah Port of King Abdullah Economics City, according to the “Pangeos” project website.

Crowdfunding planned
Whether and when “Pangeos” will ever be built is still open. Just like the question of how the grotesquely large ship should dock in ports. If it is up to its planners, the estimated eight billion euros for construction will be financed through crowdfunding.

Should the turtle-shaped ship actually become a reality (the planners estimate a construction time of eight years), “Pangeos” would be the world’s largest floating structure ever created.

Source: Krone


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