Pond master accused – no fisherman’s Latin: Eleven tons of fish “lost”


The former pond master of the fish farm was accused of theft and now had to answer to court. A fish expert was consulted to find out the truth.

The process of serious commercial theft turned out to be a watery affair: in November 2020, about eleven tons of fish were reportedly stolen from the ponds of a fish farm in the St. Pölten district. The damage was determined by the attending veterinarian at “the value estimated with expert knowledge” of 142,000 euros.

Suspicious perceptions
The company’s pond manager quickly came under suspicion after several unskilled workers reported “strange” observations to management. The 56-year-old was immediately fired and an inventory was immediately made. This is where the fear of fishing came to light. The former employee is now on trial. The court consulted a fish expert to find out the truth. In preparing his report, he took into account cannibalism among the fish themselves, as well as the presence of fish-eating birds in the region. He also asked for the official bird mortality figures. Conclusion: “There is no evidence of loss of fish in the tonnage class.”

Justifiable doubts about his guilt
“My client may have been a bad pond manager, he is certainly not a thief,” concludes the lawyer. The court also came to that conclusion and acquitted the 56-year-old.

Source: Krone


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