Application rejected – FPÖ calls for a ban on the sale of child sex dolls


The FPÖ has submitted an application to the Equal Treatment Commission for a ban on the sale of child sex dolls. However, this was rejected by the other parties. Liberal women’s spokeswoman Rosa Ecker is “speechless and shocked” by the rejection.

According to Ecker, the fact that such a sale is not punishable in Austria must change immediately. Pedophiles would find detailed instructions on child abuse on the dark web without leaving visible traces.

Thanks to the association “Bündnis-Childrenschutz-Österreich
“As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are also various platforms on the ‘regular’ internet where child sex dolls can be bought without any problems. This legal omission must be remedied immediately and the sale of such child sex dolls must be banned!” said Ecker, who particularly thanked the association ‘Bündnis-Kinderschutz-Österreich’ for reporting this complaint to her.

The ÖVP and the Greens want to see whether changes are needed
The rejection of her application in the committee disappointed her: “After my application was rejected by all other parties, the ÖVP and the Greens just want to check in their government application whether any action is needed at all. Again just a sentence, no immediate action. This is clearly not enough for the kids who are being bullied in the meantime. I will keep the promise made by ÖVP MP Kugler, after which she thanks me for pointing out this legal loophole and assures that it will be quickly remedied, and I will tirelessly push for a speedy implementation.

Source: Krone


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