Mysterious accident – man went for a walk, came home badly injured


This incident is as unusual as it is disturbing. On Monday morning, a man from Linz went for a walk – like every day. Shortly afterwards, the man came home covered in blood and seriously injured. Police are puzzled, assuming the 67-year-old had been taken out.

The 67-year-old from Linz left his apartment on Hauschildweg around 5:50 a.m. on Monday to take his morning walk. He does that almost every day. He came back around 6:30 am. When his wife opened the door, the shock was: her husband had abrasions, a cut and an injury to his foot.

no memory
The man from Linz could not tell his wife how the injuries had occurred. He just said he thinks he fell. His wife went on “his” round with him again and found personal items and his hood in the area of ​​Angererhofweg 16.

condition worsened
When the pensioner’s health continued to deteriorate, his wife finally called the emergency service. The man from Linz was taken to the UKH Linz by the rescue service, where life-threatening internal injuries were found. After an emergency operation, according to the UKH, there is no longer a danger to life. Based on the injuries, doctors believe the man was hit by a larger vehicle.

witness call
The 67-year-old regularly goes for a walk in the area in the morning hours. It may have caught the attention of several people.

The police are asking for your help: Did anyone see the man during his walk on Monday, November 14, 2022 from about 6 a.m.? If so, where was he seen (to narrow the scene of the accident)? Can someone provide information about the incident (accident)? The driver of the accident must immediately report to the police. The man was wearing a dark green jacket, dark blue jeans and a light gray hood.

For information, please contact the Linz traffic inspectorate on 059133 45 4800.

Source: Krone


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