Train traffic stops – perpetrators attack gas station and shops: wanted!


Police action including large-scale manhunt on Friday morning in Lower Austria: several shops and a gas station were allegedly attacked by one and the same perpetrator. The hitherto unknown is on the run. The large-scale operation also has consequences for train traffic.

A petrol station in Königstetten and two nearby shops were attacked, Superintendent Johann Baumschlager said when asked by APA. Police believe the perpetrator acted alone. He may have fled in a car, but the vehicle has since been located. However, there is no trace of the steering wheel.

Manhunt on the ground and escape
No injuries were reported in the raids. A massive manhunt for the perpetrator was launched. Several helicopters and special units were deployed. The Rapid Intervention Group (SIG) and the Preparedness Unit (BE), among others, were on site. Detectives from the National Criminal Investigation Service of Lower Austria were also present.

Train service stopped
The search for people also had an impact on public transport. “Due to the search measures, the train service between St. Andrä-Wördern station and Zeislmauer-Königstetten station has been discontinued,” said Baumschlager.

Source: Krone


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