money for creditors? – Schlecker: lawsuit worth millions to be re-examined


Almost eleven years after the bankruptcy of the German drugstore chain Schlecker, a major damage claim from the trustee could still lead to success. The cartel senate of the federal court in Karlsruhe ruled on Tuesday that the higher regional court of Frankfurt had prematurely rejected the claims. Now everything has to be checked again.

As a result, the insolvency proceedings continue to drag on. At the same time, there is hope for creditors that there will eventually be more money to distribute.

The court is at least 212 million euros, which curator Arndt Gproteinz is demanding from several large drugstore manufacturers. The German Federal Cartel Office had fined these companies for exchanging information between 2004 and 2006. Gproteinz says Schlecker had to pay high prices when purchasing as a result.

Thousands of people are suddenly out of work
Schlecker filed for bankruptcy in January 2012. Many thousands of workers – especially women – lost their jobs. The money from this and other antitrust cases may primarily benefit you, the Federal Employment Office and the Social Security funds.

Source: Krone


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