French job seeker raided Elysee Palace


This vulnerability in the French presidential palace could also have ended dangerously. It was recently revealed that a young man looking for a job in late September had walked past police and Republican Guard guards unmolested. According to a report in the French media, he was only asked about his concerns in the lobby.

The man took advantage of a changing of the guard to enter unimpeded the official residence of President Emmanuel Macron, who was presiding over a meeting of the National Security Council, according to the Le Canard Enchaine disclosure magazine. The intruder, who appeared to have done no harm, was later questioned at a police station.

Wanted to apply as a lawyer or manager
The 27-year-old master’s degree graduate had traveled from Lyon to apply for a job at the Elysee Palace as a lawyer or manager, the broadcaster BFMTV reported. After a written request, he wanted to audition in person. “I was not aware that I was criminalizing myself,” the unemployed person tried to justify.

Investigation against intruder closed
Seeing that the main door was locked, he discovered the side door through which several people he had joined went through. In the lobby, he met two chefs and members of the Republican Guard. “I want to meet the president, it’s about a job,” he said. The public prosecutor’s office has now discontinued the investigation into the intruder, who has apologized in particular to the security guards.

Source: Krone


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