Ambushed in Vienna – Bloody Playmobil figures followed by brutal attack


At first they were ‘only’ threatening letters with specific content directed at the new husband of his ex-girlfriend. The 41-year-old Belgian later ambushed his victim in a Viennese stairwell and struck. Everything was planned perfectly, but a crucial mistake happened.

The pain of the separation was deep. Too deep. “I am still traumatized,” the accused Belgian said in Vienna’s regional court on Friday. In November 2015, his great love Katharina dumped him. The 41-year-old’s reaction to his ex’s new boyfriend led Kris C. to court seven years after the breakup.

DNA trace on wig at crime scene
“The suspect ambushed the victim in a Viennese stairwell on April 7, 2017 and hit his head with a blunt object,” said the prosecutor, who detailed the list of serious injuries, including a hemorrhage in the brain. enumerated. The perpetrator was caught because a lost wig at the crime scene provided a late DNA success – which was not possible before because Belgium and Austria had apparently compared different sequences. “It wasn’t me, I was walking by a lake that day, but I left my phone at home,” the man explained.

British intelligence got involved
The previous story raised doubts about his credibility: after the relationship had ended, he wrote threatening letters to the ex-partner’s new partner, the later victim. He enclosed decapitated Playmobil figures soaked in human blood. On the Darknet he called, stating his address, to give his successor a good beating, “whereupon even the British secret service MI5 got involved”, reports victim representative Wolfgang Gappmayer. The verdict: 24 months in prison, 4 of which were unconditional. The public prosecutor has filed a criminal appeal.

Source: Krone


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