The WHO does not yet see an end to the corona pandemic


From the point of view of the European director of the World Health Organization (WHO), the end of the corona pandemic has not yet been reached. You are in a more favorable phase than ever before, but this is still a pandemic, said Hans Kluge of the German news agency. But he also sees signs that a new phase of the pandemic is about to begin.

Kluge cited as reasons the easier transmissibility and lower disease severity of the dominant omicron variants associated with the higher immunity of the population from vaccinations and surviving infections.

Researcher Hajo Zeeb of the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Bremen sees Germany in the transition to endemic. Endemic means that the virus has settled in with us and will not leave. “Whether we have reached the endemic situation can only be answered definitively after the winter,” said the epidemiologist.

At the same time, he warned against underestimating the endemic condition. Endemic doesn’t mean “Now it’s all over, now we can sit back.” Even in an endemic state, the health system can come under severe stress from Corona. “We have to remain careful, enforce measures, react quickly and not let it become another pandemic.”

Source: Krone


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