Iced wings – “Confidential document”: Ryanair denies allegations


The parent company has now spoken out about the flight of Ryanair subsidiary Buzz, which was reportedly en route from Gdansk, Poland, to Vienna in mid-November with a dangerously frozen wing. In the letter, classified as “Strictly Private & Confidential”, Ryanair states that “the safety of passengers and crew of the Ryanair Group (including Buzz) is always a top priority”. All allegations are categorically denied.

The local aviation magazine “Austrian Wings” first reported on the incident: Accordingly, the Boeing 737-800 in question, painted in Ryanair colors and with the Ryanair flight number FR1662, took off from the airport in Gdansk in mid-November, although the wings would be severely frozen. “Ice and snow on an aircraft’s wings can seriously disrupt lift. Ice formation has therefore been responsible for countless fatal accidents.”

After boarding, there was a clearly recognizable layer of ice or snow on the left wing, which even covered parts of the slats and control surfaces, as can also be seen in a photo. The condition of the left wing makes defrosting for takeoff absolutely necessary, as independently confirmed to “Austrian Wings” by several commercial pilots. The flight went ahead anyway. In addition, allegations were made that after landing in Vienna, a passenger contacted the crew and drew their attention to the danger. However, the captain allegedly put him in his place with the words “This is my plane!”.

Strictly confidential statement
Ryanair finally reported on Monday with a statement (dated December 2) about the incident. The letter, which is marked “Strictly Private & Confidential” on the letterhead, went to both “Austrian Wings” and “Krone”. Ryanair initially states that there is a “series of defamatory and false accusations”. The evidence is “defamatory”, the machine has a corresponding approval called Cold Soaked Fuel Frost (CSFF), a cold-related icing caused by fuel does not pose a safety problem to the machine.

“No ice/snow on the wing”
The crew of this flight “performed all safety checks prior to departure”. At the time of the inspections, “there was no ice/snow on the wings of the aircraft (which is supported by the aircraft’s technical data) nor did the aircraft require de-icing, as falsely claimed,” the letter said. , signed by the Ryanair press office. , is reading. Therefore, according to Ryanair, no de-icing procedure was necessary at all.

Ryanair also denies that a passenger has contacted the crew. The crew was not notified of “problems related to the operation of the aircraft” either before or after landing. “The safety of our passengers and crew is Ryanair’s top priority and we will rigorously defend our 37-year impeccable safety record.”

Security issues raised by experts
The local aviation magazine “Austrian Wings” also responded to the letter: Ryanair’s statement had been forwarded to the previously consulted experts with a request for (re)assessment and assessment. All commercial pilots consulted by “Austrian Wings” maintained their critical statements “fully”, even after knowing Ryanair’s position, the company said.

Source: Krone


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