“Necessary Measures” – Drone Attacks: Putin Convenes Security Council


Since the beginning of the week, Russia has been facing fresh attacks from Ukraine, most notably explosions at military airfields likely to involve the use of drones. Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin sees his country’s internal security threatened; And that is why the Security Council convenes. He therefore wants to respond to the “terrorist acts” with the responsible authorities.

Senior security officials discussed with Putin how to ensure the country’s “internal security” after Moscow classified the attacks as a threat, the Kremlin said. Peskov also told reporters that authorities would take “necessary” measures to protect the country from Ukrainian attacks.

The oil tank caught fire
According to local authorities, there was another drone attack on a critical infrastructure target on Tuesday. An oil tank caught fire in a drone attack on an airfield in southwestern Russia’s Kursk region. Russian information about two similar incidents was already available on Monday. Meanwhile, Russia justifies the heavy rocket attacks on civilian objects in Ukraine as militarily necessary.

“There were no injuries. The fire is localized. All emergency services are working on site,” Kursk governor Roman Starovoit wrote on Telegram on Tuesday morning. Reuters was initially unable to independently verify the reports. The region borders Ukraine.

Airport hit by nuclear forces
The Moscow government said on Monday Ukraine attacked two Russian air bases far inland with drones. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that three soldiers were killed. Four other people were injured and two aircraft were slightly damaged. The drones flew at low altitude and were shot down by anti-aircraft fire.

The affected military airfields are hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian border and bombers of the Russian nuclear forces are stationed on one of them. There have been no attacks by the Ukrainian army this far inland since the start of the war. The Ukrainian government initially did not immediately comment on this.

Source: Krone


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