Weapons industry – 592 billion for weapons: the 100 best cashiers


There is nothing like “Give peace a chance” here. Sales of arms and military services by the industry’s top 100 companies totaled $592 billion last year. The number will rise again due to the war in Ukraine as almost all countries are arming. Read here who makes a fortune in Europe, while people sooner or later die from their weapons.

Arms sales by the top 100 defense companies have risen for the seventh year in a row. The corona pandemic, which hit the global economy in 2021, did not change that. Supply bottlenecks prevented an even stronger increase. Despite some declines, the US remains on the golden throne, while other key countries from Europe and Asia are still growing, bringing in nearly $600 billion in total. That is almost two percent more than in 2020.

Source: Krone


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