Budget debate in the Basque Parliament on December 9, 2022


Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Azpiazu has defended a budget “ready to meet the economic challenges in which we are immersed”. The bills continue with the votes of the parties in the government, despite the total amendments of the opposition groups.

Euskaraz irakurri: Eusko Jaurlaritzak oposizioaren zenbait zuzenketa onartuko ditu, 30 million eurokoak

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazuannounced this Friday in plenary debate on the full amendments filed by opposition groups against the executive’s budget proposal for 2023, where the Basque government is headed accept some amendments of the opposition groups, for an estimated value of €30 million“that improve budget lines in government policies and align with the government’s project.”

Azpiazu made this announcement in his speech at the beginning of the plenary session that the Basque Chamber is holding to account of the public accounts for the year 2023 presented by the Regional Board, which, barring surprises, proceeds with the votes of the PNV and PSE-EE, the governing parties.

The consultant showed it “disappointed” with the negotiation process of the budgets with the opposition groups, as he believes that “no parliamentary group has had the will to agree from the beginning”.

“Insisting on taxation, anchoring in structural reforms or proposing increases close to €500 million, they confirm this,” he criticized.

However, he has defended that the Basque government, together with the parliamentary groups that support it, has analyzed the opposition’s amendments and has announced that it will accept some of them. He stressed that “In 2023, Euskadi will have a budget capable of meeting the challenges ahead. Working in the present and planting and paving the way for the future. A future that, from this government, looking forward to working,” he emphasized. from.

As Azpiazu has defended, the budget is “clearly geared to combat, first of all, the difficulties faced by all our homes, and in particular the most vulnerable people.”

“Secondly, to support the business fabric, especially the most energy-intensive companies. Thirdly, as is clear, it does this with an eye to the future, to make our society evolve towards new initiatives and proposals of an economic nature that stimulate and, through the budget, enhance the well-being of our citizens,” he added.

For this reason, he emphasized that it is not a “conservative” budget, but one prepared to meet the economic challenges we are immersed in and facing with realism and financial adequacy.

Today the amendments will be rejected in their entirety, but after that we will have to debate the partial amendments, which amount to more than 700. The CAV budgets for 2023 are expected to be approved in the plenary meeting in two weeks.

growth forecast

Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Azpiazu also stressed that he “remains fully confident” in his growth forecasts by 2023, a 2.1% on GDP, considering that “the situation of the environment is improving slightly and the real indicators of the Basque economy show great solidity”.

However, it has warned that although it is “reasonable” to raise interest rates to adjust them to the cost of capital, “there is a serious risk to face the lawsuit and see ourselves doomed to a serious and long one recession, if they rise drastically, sustainably and in a short time”.

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Source: EITB


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