After a major raid – Reichsbürger: the chief of the terror network


In high society in Munich, the famous chef from Kitz is the subject of conversation in a maze of enemies of the state…

The shock of a well-known Austrian sports star (the “Krone” continues to observe the strict identity protection of the media law) or his wife-to-be is great. Because the soon-to-be Munich father-in-law of the highest-paid local activist was said to be a member of a group of at least 25 putschists planning a coup in Germany.

The news of the arrest of the head chef of a luxury 5-star hotel in the beautiful Kitzbüheler Alpen as a suspected member of the terrorist group also reached the young celebrity couple during a winter holiday in the noble Tyrolean ski resort…

In any case, the allegations of the federal prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe against the suspected cook weigh heavily. He would belong to the military branch, the so-called internal security company. So the leadership of the putsch soldiers.

“Responsible for recruitment and target practice”
According to the German investigative authorities, this group was, among other things, engaged in “recruiting new members, purchasing weapons and other equipment, setting up a tap-free communication and IT structure, conducting shooting exercises and planning for future accommodation and catering. “. In the future, the chef would have been responsible for catering for the new “Rijksburgergovernment”.

The tangled network of enemies of the state also comes up with illustrious names. A castle owner and scion of a Thuringian noble family is considered the leader of the “political wing”. There are also numerous former police officers and military personnel. There was also a secret “List of Council Ministers” for after the overthrow. Headed by a former member of the Bundestag for the right-wing AfD as head of the judiciary.

Source: Krone


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