Session interrupted – climate activists caused unrest in the state parliament


Even before Vorarlberg’s FPÖ leader Christof Bitschi could start his speech on the draft budget, there was already a lot of commotion in the public gallery of the Vorarlberg state parliament. Climate activists had rolled out two banners there and wanted to draw attention to the climate emergency.

“Stop the tunnel spider” and “Listen to the climate council” were on the posters of the young men and women. “We have a climate emergency,” one of the activists announced. “You have no speaking time, the rules of procedure apply here,” said Harald Sonderegger, speaker of the state parliament. However, his words had no effect.

Together with the head of the state parliament, Borghild Goldgruber-Rainer, Sonderegger then tried to be good again, stepped in front of the stands and tried to calm things down. If you don’t keep still, you will be taken out of the room. Climate activists were not impressed. “We urgently need support,” Goldgruber-Rainer asked the executive.

“It is an unprecedented permanent catastrophe,” said one of the women, while the first activist was taken out of the room a little later. Sonderegger – back in his place – interrupted the meeting. About 15 minutes later Bitschi was able to start his speech.

Source: Krone


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