A Russian deputy mocks a Ukrainian boy reading his Christmas letter: “You will have missiles”


Oleg Nilov, a member of Just Russia, read the wishes of Vova, a Kiev minor, and responded with the “gifts” the Kremlin will bring him

After nine months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and thousands of deaths, certain Russian leaders are still amused by the plight of Ukrainian families. The latest example is that of Russian Duma deputy Oleg Nilov, who mocked the wishes of a Ukrainian child at a Christmas letter reading event.

In a video broadcast on social networks, Nilov is observed taking one of the letters from the Christmas tree. He reads it aloud and says it belongs to a boy named Vova. “A boy from Kiev, he dreams of a rocket… Don’t worry Vova, you will have rockets, just wait,” he said with a slight smile.

The colleagues of the Russian delegate, who stood behind him, were perplexed when they heard him. One of them also found the remark amusing and laughed, though the most notable reaction was that of the younger man who accompanied him, who immediately raised his hands to his head, aware of the seriousness of what he had heard. Nilov, seeing the reaction his comment had provoked, was quick to say it was “a joke.”

The number of child fatalities has not been accurately counted, but according to Unicef ​​data, at least 1,000 Ukrainian minors had been killed in attacks by the invading forces by August.

Source: La Verdad


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