213,000 euros in damage – fraudulent duo arrested in Lower Austria


In Lower Austria, the police arrested a cheating couple. A 28-year-old and her partner, who is one year older, have defrauded money from the Republic of Austria, the AMS and contents insurance. The damage amounts to some 213,000 euros.

According to the police, the duo may have fled to Turkey in August. The suspects were mainly active as so-called tipsters for a brokerage firm in Ternitz (Neunkirchen district). An office of the couple in Leobersdorf (Baden district) was the center of the fraud.

According to the police, around 85,000 euros in mediation commissions were generated between February 2020 and February 2022. At the same time, the two received 40,000 euros in AMS support, which the couple would not have been entitled to due to their income.

Stolen for 88,000 euros in Corona support
The 28-year-old is said to have registered a transaction twelve times using the personal details of friends and relatives – sometimes without their knowledge. With largely well-thought-out information, the woman stole more than 88,000 euros in this context, money from the Coronanoodfonds and the comeback bonus. The defendant’s husband also filed seven fabricated damage reports with his home contents insurance company.

Duo committed 34 violations
The couple’s office in Leobersdorf has since been closed. The duo was charged with 34 crimes. In total, agents of the police inspectorate of Berndorf (Baden district) investigated 18 suspects, clarified 79 criminal offenses and reported them to the responsible public prosecutor’s office. The provincial police station in Lower Austria listed fraud, serious fraud, commercial fraud, forgery of documents, coercion and money laundering as crimes.

Source: Krone


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