After release – innocent on death row: ex-convict shot


Judicial scandal with a brutal ending! After serving 25 years on death row despite his innocence, US citizen Christopher Williams was finally released from prison in 2021. Last Friday, however, a funeral fatally undone Williams. He was shot.

Such stories actually come from Hollywood’s dream factory, but unfortunately this is true! American Christopher Williams was sentenced to death in 1989 for six murders. He had always protested his innocence and fought against the verdict. It took 30 years for the Philadelphia Attorney’s Office to reopen the case.

Evidence was hidden by prosecutors
And lo and behold: the prosecution’s key witnesses and informants had demonstrably lied and a mountain of forensic evidence that ruled out Williams as the culprit was hidden from the defense by the prosecution at the time! Late justice than last year 2021: Williams was acquitted and released.

But last Friday, Williams was shot in the head at the funeral of his ex-cellmate, Tyree Little.

Source: Krone


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