Next disruptive action – climate stickers turn Praterstern into a pedestrian zone


And groundhog says hello every day: Already in the early morning hours, climate activists of the last generation blocked the distribution circuit at the Praterstern. To the dismay of many drivers who wanted to drive to work on time.

The climate activists also presented their next action in Vienna on Twitter on Tuesday: “They have turned the Praterstern into a pedestrian zone,” they stated on their account. All entrances to the Praterstern are currently blocked, causing massive delays in early morning traffic.

“Where’s your climate plan?”
The activists received support from about 40 scientists from Scientists4FutureAustria, who showed solidarity with both their concerns and their working methods: “Yes to 100 km/h on highways, no to fracking in Austria.” Together with the scientists, they asked the government: “Where is your climate plan?”

A Krone read-aloud reporter also witnessed the protest live, but managed to get through in time and drive on in his car. He himself thinks the concerns of the climate activists are “great”, but the action itself would “do nothing”.

Wants to “paralyze” Vienna.
Earlier this week, climate activists of the last generation announced that they want to ‘close’ Vienna for the entire week to draw attention to the current climate crisis. They advocate, among other things, the speed limit of 100 and a ban on fracking.

The first glue blockade took place at the start of the campaign in Vienna on Monday. Activists set up in front of school buildings in Burggasse, Gymnasiumstrasse and Roßauer Lände. According to the police, there were “major traffic delays”. A blockade on Wiedner Hauptstrasse was prevented by officials before it was implemented, police spokeswoman Barbara Gass reported.

Source: Krone


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