Decision made – too much traffic: the municipality closes the border


Serious accidents exacerbate the situation in the municipality of Schattendorf. Because the Ministry of the Interior does not respond, drastic measures are now being taken.

The border crossing between Schattendorf and Agendorf in Hungary has developed from a connecting route between neighboring towns to a busy commuter route. For drivers from the Sopron area, the route is the fastest route to the Mattersburg districts and to Baden and Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria.

request in an open letter
As reported last November, Mayor Thomas Hoffmann called in an open letter to the Interior Minister for the legal framework to keep the border crossing open only to residents and to be able to install an automatic light barrier.

Pedestrians hit commuters
Because the situation has gotten worse. Accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians are on the increase, some of whom are seriously injured. Most recently, on December 30, a passerby was hit by a Hungarian commuter’s car. The patient is still in the hospital.

“We can no longer stand by. The current situation cannot be tolerated,” complains the SPÖ mayor while still waiting for an answer from the office of ÖVP Interior Minister Gerhard Karner. Now Hoffmann is pulling the emergency brake. Specifically, he announces that in the coming city ​​council meeting passes an ordinance to close the border road.The restriction, which will be in effect until further notice, will take effect on March 1.

More short-term parking zones
At the same time, the area of ​​the short-term parking zone is being expanded considerably to make it much less attractive to circumvent the driving ban by transferring from a car on the Hungarian side to a car parked in Austria.

“Resident Safety”
Hoffmann: “Of course I would have preferred to see a photocell as a reasonable solution for a Europe that grows together. But if the Ministry of the Interior does nothing, we must intervene. The safety of the residents has the highest priority!”

Source: Krone


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