Dispute escalated – 16-year-old arrested and threatened in apartment


A 16-year-old woman was held in an apartment on Sunday night and threatened with a knife in Vienna’s Simmering district. The girl was visiting her sister and her boyfriend when an argument broke out between them and the 20-year-old host. He then completely lost control…

A visit to the club was actually planned, but it was not allowed to come to that. When the two sisters and the eldest’s friend visited their friend in his apartment, the mood suddenly changed and a fight broke out. The 20-year-old then threw the couple out of the apartment, but he forced the 16-year-old to stay and threatened her with a knife.

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The sister immediately alerted the police, who went to the scene with the help of WEGA. For minutes, the officers tried to get the 20-year-old suspect to open the door. But it wasn’t until they threatened to break in that the alleged perpetrator relented.

The suspect, a Romanian, has been provisionally arrested. A breathalyzer showed 1.4 per mil. The girl was unharmed in the incident. The 20-year-old was released after questioning and after consultation with the public prosecutor for severe coercion and deprivation of liberty, the police reported on Monday.

Source: Krone


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